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Beard Goals


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Beard Goals is our signature beard oil and step 3 of our Beard Goals regimen. This blend is formulated with natural ingredients including black castor oil + jojoba oil to help you achieve a longer, fuller and more manageable beard. Whether you're a guy with fine, straight strands, or have thick, coily strands, this blend will work for you. *fine hair types should use a few drops, courser hair types can use a little more | 2 fl oz

  • Softens strands for easier comb through
  • Nurtures longer, fuller growth
  • Available in our signature clean, earthy scents
  • 30+ day supply


  1. Rub a pea-sized amount in your palms + smooth through a damp beard. Use a little less on shorter beards. Re-apply a small amount on dry beard as needed. 
  2. Use a comb for even distribution. 
  3. You're ready to take over the world

Our Signature Scents:

  • Bravado - a clean, crisp blend of mandarin, amber + dark musk. This blend is clean, crisp & intriguing. Bravado represents swagger & bravery, you'll exude both when you wear this fragrance. 
  • Hero - an earthy, woodsy blend of sandalwood, amber + cedar wood. This blend is for the man that loves to work with his hands & loves the outdoors. Hero represents the hard-working man who shows up for those around him. You'll proudly sport your cape when you wear this fragrance. 
  • King - a fresh blend of sea salt, amber + wood. This blend is complex, since it's earthy and clean simultaneously. King represents the best parts of a man. A king dominates while taking care of those around him. He's the one everyone wants to be. He walks in authority & power. You're a king, and you'll feel like it every time you wear this fragrance. 

Beard Goals Regimen:

Step 1: Lather a dime-sized amount of Beard Wash in the palms + spread it through your wet beard from base to tips. Distribute the wash throughout the beard to wash. Rinse thoroughly. 

Step 2: Smooth a dime-sized amount of Beard Conditioner throughout the beard, distributing evenly. Allow to remain on the beard for 3-5 minutes for maximum results. Rinse thoroughly. Pat your beard dry with a towel. 

Step 3: Smooth a pea-sized amount of Beard Goals beard oil throughout your beard. Distribute evenly with a comb. You're good to go.