Worthy Candle Collection


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The Worthy Candle Set celebrates the strength, beauty & brilliance of black women everywhere. The collection features four 13 ounce wooden wick candles, each with a unique affirmation and positive message on the label. The affirmations inspire confidence, rest, ambition & knowledge of self. This collection features beautiful imagery making it perfect for your home/office or as a gift to a girl or woman you love. Purchase all 4 candles as a full set or purchase candles separately.

Full Set Includes:

  • Sage & Sanity Candle - citrus + sage + sea salt
  • Black Girl Magic Candle - black cherry + red wine + vanilla
  • Sexy Nerd Candle teakwood + cotton + citrus
  • Goddess Candle - champagne + rose + sandalwood
  • Clean ingredients, free of phthalates, parabens + sulfates
  • Burn time of 50+ hours per candle
  • Crackling wooden wicks provide a relaxing sound
  • Custom affirmations + positive messages on each candle