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I Am Authentic

I Am Authentic

I Am Authentic is a celebration of natural, highly textured hair. We understand natural hair, and we believe that a beautiful head of hair is a healthy head of hair. Our collection of products is specially formulated to address the needs common to ethnic hair such as dryness, manageability & breakage. We nourish your curls naturally, using only the finest all natural & organic ingredients in our rich blends. 

The products in this collection pamper the hair & scalp with organic herbs such as Burdock Root, Calendula, Marshmallow Root & Hibiscus. These herbs soften, condition and strengthen the hair naturally while imparting shine. We blend with organic butters that soften and condition strands, sealing in vital moisture and offering light protection during heat styling. Our unique blend of pure essential oils nourishes the hair, stimulates the scalp and pampers your senses for hair care that caters to your crowing glory. 

For Healthy Hair That Grows Strong & Long...

Made Exclusively with All Natural & Organic Ingredients | Vegan Friendly

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