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At Authenticality Company, we create hair, skin & beard care products that make you feel good & are good for you. Each blend in our collection is packed with an abundance of all natural & organic ingredients. We use some of the most coveted natural elements. Included in our products, you'll find natural goodness such as organic shea butter, botanical oils, pure essential oils & organic herbs such as Hibiscus & Marshmallow Root. Each ingredient does its part to naturally nourish your hair & skin.

Beyond our great products, we're a lifestyle brand for the men & women who do life differently. Our company is a space carved out for those on a mission to create a life of authenticity, personal growth & impact. Our eclectic community includes creative types, introverts, natural hair enthusiasts, geeks, corporate professionals, extroverts, entrepreneurs, poets & writers and the list goes on! Our community is a melting pot of people from different backgrounds who share a common interest: we're human. 

At our core, we each have a desire to be accepted for who we are and to be a part of a community. You've come to the right place. Here, you'll find positive vibes, thought-provoking conversations & a relentless agenda to celebrate & encourage authenticity. 

So make yourself at home, we've been waiting for you!