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Maxie's Ultimate Beard Care Guide

A man's beard is his crowning glory. It's the ultimate expression of his masculinity. Though many guys want a full, show-stopping beard, it often eludes them. I'm Maxie, Creative Director of The Covenant Man Collection for men. I've been growing my beard for a while now, and know some of the struggles & triumphs that come with the territory. Here's my take on growing and caring for your beard:
To keep my beard in optimum condition, I use products from The Covenant Man Collection. The products in this collection are heavy hitters, with natural ingredients that condition my beard, promote growth, keep it strong & of course, soften & detangle it for easy comb through.
My Regimen:
To keep my beard looking fresh, my daily regimen entails:
  1. Starting with a damp beard. The best time for me is post-shower.
  2. I massage a dime-sized amount of Brawn Beard Balm into my beard. I rub the product between my palms, then spread it through my beard. My beard thrives with the use of Brawn Beard Balm. It gives my beard what it needs without a long, drawn out process. 
  3. Next, I use a barber's pick to comb my beard, making sure I get all parts, combing in all directions for evenness & fullness. 


To keep your beard in tip top shape, here are my tips:

  1. Find a good barber to shape your beard exactly how you desire
  2. Keep a small spray bottle handy for moisturizing your beard. My spray bottle includes water and a teaspoon of Anointed. hair & body oil. This works really well when you're starting your beard regimen with a dry beard and don't have access to a shower 
  3. Don't neglect the beard! The biggest mistake you can make is letting your beard do its own thing without maintaining it properly
  4. Keep your beard clean, using a sulfate-free shampoo, or have wet wipes for cleansing on the go
  5. Be patient! Great things take time. If you want your beard to be epic, practice deliberate care of it, keeping it nourished & conditioned. It won't happen overnight. 

I hope this gets the ball rolling on helping you better understand how to care for your beard.

Here's to epic beards,