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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our products:

Q: Many of your products contain shea butter. Is this an allergenic ingredient?

A: Shea butter is produced from the nuts of the Karite tree, which grows in Africa. Those with nut, tree nut and/or latex allergies should always consult their doctor before using any product that contains shea butter. Shea butter is not listed as a highly allergenic ingredient, but one can never be too careful. Symptoms of allergy or sensitivity while using shea butter may include rash, irritation, dryness, redness, peeling, hives, swelling, or some other symptom. If these or any other reaction occurs, STOP USE IMMEDIATELY. See a physician if you develop any adverse reactions to an allergen. Please read all ingredients on our products before use to be sure that you are not sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients.


Q:  What's the difference between "all natural" products and the "regular" products you find in stores today?

A: Products made with ingredients that are 100% natural and organic are considered ALL NATURAL or ORGANIC. These products are made with "LIVING" ingredients, that originate primarily from nature, and are not by-products of such, but are genuine and authentic in nature. Many feel these kinds of ingredients contribute to a healthier body condition, as these ingredients are full of benefits that can only be found in nature. Many natural ingredients used for hair and skin care oringinate from plants. Many natural ingredients are more costly, have a unique texture and smell, and many believe them to be far superior as opposed to synthetic ingredients.

Most products on the market today are made with alcohols, petroleums, harsh preservatives, artificial dyes and artificial fragrances. Over the course of years, many have found these types of ingredients to cause irritation, inflammation, allergic reactions, and adverse reactions, though not everyone feels this to be the case. Synthetic ingredients are often much cheaper than their natural counterparts, which is why many manufacturers of cosmetics use them, as they gain bigger profits by using cheaper ingredients. It should be noted that synthetic ingredients often try to mimic the benefits that natural products possess. Ultimately, it is the decision of the individual whether they prefer to buy all natural or synthetic products.

Q: Why is the texture of my all natural product so different from what I'm accustomed to?

A: The ingredients in all natural products are usually pure and organic oils, butters, essential oils, etc. The look and feel of natural butters tends to be very rich and thick. These butters often have to be processed in a way that will remove their natural benefits for them to look and feel like synthetic ingredients. To maintain as many of the benefits as possible, many crafters choose to avoid processing their natural ingredients, which means they often maintain their natural texture and benefits.

Many cosmetics on the market today are made with ingredients that are very much processed, stripped, refined, etc. Many manufacturers do this in an attempt to create a texture and smell that the mainstream customer is accusomted to. This process often includes adding artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, alcohols, etc. to accomplish that goal.

Q: What benefits can I gain from using all natural products?

A: The history and use of all natural ingredients can be traced back since before time was recorded. The benefits that natural butters, oils, botanicals, salts, etc. possess have been proven through generations upon generations of successful use. Today, it is beneficial to understand exactly what ingredients are in your personal care products. Ingredients that originate from nature have a distinct record of success, are ingredients that you can pronounce and trace, have much fewer adverse reactivity, and many believe them to be much better for their body chemistry, and far superior in effectiveness. There is much security in knowing exactly what you're using on your body and what its effects are. This is a huge benefit with all natural ingredients, and this is why many prefer them.

Q: Why does my all natural product have a shorter shelf life than synthetic products?

A: Because all natural ingredients are made with "living" ingredients, many of these ingredients are subject to rancidity and/or oxidation sooner. This is because many natural products are free of artificial preservatives, and their natural quality makes them subject to perish just as any other natural ingredient you're familiar with. One way to combat this process is to buy your all natural products in a size that you can use within the "USE BY" date provided. Also, storing your all natural product in a cool, dry place, using a clean utensil to dispense your product instead of your hand, and keeping water out of your product, can help. 

Q: What is the "expiration" date/ shelf life of my all natural product?

A: Unless otherwise stated, Authenticality Company products have a 6 month shelf life. This means that our products should be used within this time period. It is very possible that our products will maintain their integrity beyond this time period, but using them after that time is at the risk of the individual customer. Again, the shelf life is shorter for all natural products because of the natural nature of the ingredients.

Q: I see that you list "pure essential oils" in the list of ingredients for many of your products. What exactly are they?

A: Pure essential oils are potent oils derived from plants. These oils have been long used as natural remedies for health conditions, are used extensively in aroma therapy, massage therapy, and for hair, skin & body care. Pure essential oils have too many benefits and uses to name. The essential oils we use in our hair care products have long been used to stimulate hair growth, promote fuller, thicker hair, nourish and moisturize hair, and aid in a healthy scalp environment. Our skin care products include pure essential oils that have long been known to nourish and moisturize the skin. It should be noted that essential oils are very potent, and as such, are not recommended for use on children. Due to the potent healing benefits that many essential oils possess, they may interfere with certain medications, and one should always do the proper research and consult a doctor before using them if you have health problems or are taking medications. Certain essential oils are unsafe for use by pregnant or nursing women, so those in these categories should consult a doctor before use. For the vast majority of people, essential oils are a great tool to accomplish healthier hair, skin, body and mind. Doing the research on the individual essential oils can be a fun and knowledgeable experience, and I encourage everyone to look into it!

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