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#iamauthentic The Movement

I AM AUTHENTIC: The Movement is Authenticality Company's campaign to inspire love, authenticity, individuality, confidence & living out your dreams. It's our mission to INSPIRE, UPLIFT & EMPOWER individuals to be WHO THEY ARE! We're also inspiring you to become the absolute BEST YOU possible! It's time that we live life at a new level, one that celebrates who we are, and encourages others to do the same...JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

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We're currently hosting a giveaway and contest for #iamauthentic. We want for you to get involved! I know that some of you reading this may have challenges with self-esteem and confidence. If you don't maybe you have in the past or you know someone who deals with these. I want to let you know that you are not alone! I personally have dealt with insecurities, a lack of confidence and a habit of allowing fear to stop me in my tracks. I am grateful to have overcome these things, but I have made it my mission to help others who are still battling with these things. I would LOVE to have you on board!

To bring awareness to the #iamauthentic campaign, we're hosting a giveaway and contest. I want to hear your story. "what story?", you may ask... I want to hear your personal journey to becoming YOU. Each of us has a different story as to how we learned to be comfortable in our own skin. What were the factors that helped you to embrace your uniqueness, your quirkiness, your individual traits? What can you tell someone else about how to get there?...

Or perhaps, you're still trying to get there...to that place of loving yourself FOR YOURSELF... I'd like to hear your story. What are the factors that you think contribute to the lack of confidence in people today? What is standing in your way to you loving yourself the way that you should? How do you plan to begin loving yourself?

The purpose of you submitting your stories is simple... to show someone else that they're not alone. The #iamauthentic campaign is a very public campaign, showcasing individuals of every tone & background. It is a tribute to individuality. It is a celebration of overcoming...while also being a ray of hope for those who are still trying to overcome... 
Write your personal story in the form of a letter, article, poem or spoken word piece to be submitted into Authenticality Company's #iamauthentic campaign. (description above) Do a short intro telling us a little about yourself (a short intro to include first name & state (if U.S. resident) or country of residence). Include 1 picture of yourself in your document. Share your thoughts on any of the topics that the #iamauthentic campaign addresses. Submit your entry to CONTESTS@AUTHENTICALITYCOMPANY.COM.

Your entries will be published to our website on the #iamauthentic page. By entering the contest, you give us permission to publish your story. We do respect your privacy, and as such, suggest that you don't include personal information about yourself beyond your first name. We will only publish your first name and state/country with your entry. For the purpose of the #iamauthentic campaign, we desire to highlight your individual journeys. However, we do not wish to make you uncomfortable, so keep in mind as you write your entries, others will read your story. Only write what you would be comfortable sharing with readers.

Once you submit your story, submit your entry for the giveaway via the Authenticality Company website on the #iamauthentic page. Please note: all giveaway entries that are submitted WITHOUT a story will deleted. To enter the giveaway, you must enter the contest with your story. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts about confidence, self-love, individuality, self-esteem & living out your dreams!

Thank you for helping to bring awareness to such important topics! Please SHARE the campaign and post & tweet your thoughts on the topics mentioned by using #iamauthentic on Facebook & Twiiter. Feel free to post your thoughts on any of the topics mentioned on our Facebook & Twitter profile using #iamauthentic.