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Meet Cynthia

Hi Loves! 

I'm Cynthia, Founder and CEO of Authenticality Company. I'm a woman on a mission to encourage people to embrace their individuality. Each of us have a unique design, with unique qualities that should be celebrated. No matter your skin tone, hair texture, waist size or profession, you're special & it's essential that you live your life as such. 
Authenticality Company is a simple concept with a complicated name.
In essence, Authenticality is: 
"The state or reality of being authentic"
Authenticity is the very heartbeat of this company, because personally, I really began LIVING when I began to embrace my authentic nature. So many people live their lives in a constant effort to conform to cultural norms. This kind of life is one filled with frustrations and disappointments. When a person DARES to embrace their unique design, they open the door for a life that is full of what they truly love. Authenticality Company is a meeting place for people who are on this journey. Here, you'll find a constant reminder to be who you are and be unapologetic for how perfectly IMPERFECT you are! What's more, you'll be encouraged to live your BEST life and present the best version of YOU to the world. 
Authenticality Company's line of products were birthed in pretty much the same way. On my own journey to embracing my individuality, I began growing my hair in it's natural state. My new texture required much love and care, and I did tons of research in how to achieve healthy natural hair. After years of research, mixing and planning, the Authenticality Company line of all natural products was born. My products contain ample amounts of organic herbs, botanical oils, natural & organic butters and pure aromatherapy grade essential oils. Each ingredient in our blends is carefully chosen for its unique potential to deeply nourish and transform the look and feel of your hair and skin. I'm happy to say that I have countless clients who can attest to the potent results that my products provide. 
As the journey continues, it's exciting to see the many facets of Authenticality unfold. 
Thank you for journeying with me!