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You've known Authenticality Company to be a great source of exceptional products using only the finest all natural & organic ingredients. We believe that it's totally possible to be healthy, nourish your hair, skin & temple naturally while enjoying the process. We're pleased to introduce our Confections Collection! The blends in the Confections Collection are made with the same quality ingredients. We've blended an abundance of nourishing oils & butters to pamper your skin & we've put the 'icing on the cake' by adding a variety of delicious fragrances. Now, you can enjoy the quality products that Authenticality Company is known for while satisfying your appetite for the sweet! 


Are the products in the Confections Collection all natural?

We believe in nourishing yourself naturally, so the blends in this collection are 99% natural. We still abide by the same standards in selecting all natural & organic ingredients for our blends. The ONLY difference is this: Instead of using pure essential oils in the blend, we use fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are not 100% natural, but be assured that they total less than 1% of the total blend. 

What is the other 99% of natural ingredients in this collection?

The other 99% of the blends in the Confections Collections is a blend of all natural & organic butters & nourishing oils to completely pamper your skin. Even with the addition of fragrance oils, our products are super nourishing and a great choice if you are seeking a healthier alternative to nurture yourself naturally.

Why the addition of fragrance oils to your products?

Great question! We are elated at the opportunity to provide products for the health- & eco-conscious. This is where we have found our niche, and we will continue to cater to this population in increasingly innovative ways. We have found that those who have an interest in our company & what we have to offer would like an option that is still a healthy alternative, while catering to their sensory nature. We still maintain a stance of being health-conscious, eco-conscious & encouraging individuals to make an informed decision as to what products & ingredients they use to pamper themselves.

What is the difference between the products in the Confections Collection & all of your other products?

Typically, Authenticality Company products get their rich scent from all natural & organic essential oils. These are oils extracted from plants that have many benefits for the body. We have taken a different approach with the Confections Collection, scenting our blends with fragrance oils. These are oils that are not derived from plants, but serve a simply superficial purpose, that being, giving our all natural & organic blends an appealing fragrance.