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Our Mission

It's our mission to give you quality goods and a customer service experience that is unsurpassed.

We believe that each person is special, beautiful & unique. Equipped with this knowledge, it is our goal to give each of our customers an experience that is personal, genuine and memorable. When you encounter the staff at Authenticality Company, we want to make you feel welcomed, appreciated, and understood. This is evident in the time and attention we give every individual. It is ingrained in us to be sure that we understand your needs, and that we deliver in a way that is beyond your expectations.

Each product is handmade, using only the finest all natural ingredients. We do extensive research, carefully selecting  ingredients to include in each of our blends. We never take the shortcut of using refined ingredients, as we believe in treating your temple with the utmost respect and care. We use ingredients that truly nourish and pamper your hair and skin, and we take the time to personally prepare each blend by hand.

It is this kind of attention and care that you can expect from Authenticality Company. It's our pleasure to go above and beyond the norm of what's expected. We don't believe in being simply average, we aim to be exceptional.