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FREE Candle


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Coconut + Sandalwood

FREE is an ode to care free, do what you want, independent vibes. 

Whether FREE means you're an entrepreneur who's taking the summer off to travel or you're newly single and you're choosing not to catch feelings...this candle is the one you'll love to burn. We've blended creamy notes of coconut with earthy and seductive notes of sandalwood for a fragrance that will inspire and move you. Burn FREE as a constant reminder to DO and BE more of what you love.

  • SCENT PROFILE :: tropical with grounding earthy notes
  • SET THE MOOD :: Light FREE as you're creating your travel plans, while deleting your ex's number from your phone or during your work sessions to fuel inspiration
  • Ingredients: 100% soy wax, wooden wick + phthalate free fragrance oils
  • Curated w/ nontoxic ingredients for a clean burn
  • Hand-poured in our Virginia studio
  • Burn time = 60+ hours
  • Cruelty free, vegan formula
  • 14 oz