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Muse Candle


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When you need to be inspired, cue your favorite playlist, pour a glass of wine and light Muse candle. Set the mood for romance and enchantment as mimosa initiates a slow dance with notes of rose and seductive suede. Inspiring and intoxicating, Muse’s fragrance collides with minimalist, modern black on black aesthetics. Smoky heavyweight glass and ebony colored wax add a sense of intrigue to the sound of a crackling wooden wick. Created to invoke moments of passion, inspiration + creativity, this is the candle you light as you sit in your studio and write your next book, copy, article or script.

mimosa / rose / suede

  • Black glass jar, black wax + crackling wooden wick
  • Pure soy wax + phthalate free fragrance oils
  • Burn time = 60+ hours
  • Nontoxic, vegan + cruelty free formula
  • 12 oz