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Wordsmith Candle


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Grab your leather-bound notebook and favorite pen, turn on your Edison lamp and light Wordsmith candle. As you do, you’ll set the mood for passionate expression as bergamot meshes with sultry jasmine and grounding base notes of leather and amber. Euphoric and seductive, Wordsmith’s intoxicating fragrance collides with minimalist, modern black on black aesthetics. Smoky heavyweight glass and ebony colored wax set the mood to the sound of a crackling wooden wick. Created for moments of genius, intelligence + creativity, this is the candle that should be lit on your desk or nightstand as you wow the world with your next brilliant collection of words.

bergamot / jasmine / leather

  • Black glass jar, black wax + crackling wooden wick
  • Pure soy wax + phthalate free fragrance oils
  • Burn time = 60+ hours
  • Nontoxic, vegan + cruelty free formula
  • 12 oz