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Wordsmith Candle Trio


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For the person who loves words and the art of writing, Wordsmith is a curated candle collection created to inspire your best work. Black on black aesthetics add a moody tone to your work space as smoky heavyweight glass collides with ebony colored wax and the sound of a crackling wooden wick. Each scent in the collection is an ode to creative, inspired, soulful and intelligent vibes. With intoxicating, euphoric and soulful scent notes, you'll want to get all 3 candles to inspire moments of literary genius. 

The Wordsmith Collection was created for songwriters, poets, journalists, editors, copy writers, screenwriters, playwrights, logophiles, wordsmiths and every person whose heart beats a little bit faster when you hear a new word or an eloquently written piece. 



  • Muse : mimosa / rose / suede
  • Poetry : ylang ylang / peppercorn / sandalwood
  • Wordsmith : bergamot / jasmine / leather
  • Black on black aesthetic : black glass + black wax
  • Pure soy wax, phthalate free fragrance, crackling wooden wick
  • Burn time = 60+ hours
  • 12 oz per candle