You're Already Enough : A Letter to the Overachiever

You're Already Enough : A Letter to the Overachiever

If you never accomplished another thing - you'd still be enough.

If you're anything like me, your inner self critic has a loud voice. As a passionate, driven woman, I battle with perfectionism more than I'd like to admit. There's honor in wanting to give your best and operate at your highest potential - but there has to be a focus on self care and a healthy sense of self when you're built this way. 

Being driven is a great thing when it derives from a place of service and care. The other side of this is that some of us lean into overachieving because we feel that somehow, our accomplishments define us. When you step away from the job, the wealth, the material possessions, the designer labels, the degrees, the affiliations and the titles - do you feel that you're enough? Do you know that apart from these things, who you are is the real accomplishment? If you do, great! I love this for you. But if you don't, just know that you're not alone. It takes deep soul work to realize that a huge part of how you view yourself is based on your sense of accomplishment. Just know that even when you're resting, taking a hiatus, saving instead of spending, cutting back on luxuries to reach a major life goal or in a season of in-betweens and challenges - you're loved, worthy and valuable. 

To the person who consistently overextends yourself in an effort to prove that you're worthy - I say to you "You're good enough".

To the person who downplays your achievements because you don't feel seen, heard and celebrated - I say "Your work matters".

To the person who doubts your potential based on past mistakes, failures and disappointments, I say "You're not the sum of your mistakes. You're a masterpiece".

To the person who only feels accomplished when they're working, providing and moving, I say "You're powerful even when you're sitting still".

On a Monday morning, I want to remind you that you're already, overwhelmingly, ridiculously ENOUGH.

Love and light,




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