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We're excited about the opportunity to form great relationships with the best boutiques and shops on the planet. We'd love to have our products added to your inventory, gracing your shelves and added to your selection. Partnering with Authenticality Company means joining a collaborative growth effort, as we'll tell the world about the shops that stock our products. 

We seek to partner with companies that embody genuine positivity, professionalism, amazing customer service, and innovation. We understand that business partnerships come a dime a dozen. We are different in that we seek to partner with individuals, companies and organizations that are of quality and integrity. We don't simply want to include our brand in your vision, we desire to partner with you in a way that will enrich, nourish and support both your vision and our vision collectively. 

Have us on your radar as the next brand to add to your collection? Let's talk! We're excited at the opportunity. Please contact us and we'll be in touch with you soon. 

Here's to the beginning of an amazing relationship!


Cynthia Price, CEO, Authenticality Company


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