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Bravado Candle


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Bravado by definition is "a swaggering display of courage & confidence". Bravado Candle was created for the brave + confident soul who takes risks, takes up space & lives life on the edge. We've created an intriguing blend featuring top notes of mandarin and ozone balanced with cedar wood, amber and musk. With its clean, fresh + seductive fragrance, it's the perfect candle to burn when you want to infuse confidence and bravery into your day. You'll feel like you can accomplish anything when you burn Bravado Candle. 

mandarin / amber / dark musk

  • Aura: creates a sensual + intriguing atmosphere
  • Scent profile: masculine, clean, complex
  • Set the Mood: light this candle as an every day reminder to be brave, during work sessions and while doing big things
  • Clean ingredients, free of phthalates, parabens + sulfates
  • Hand-poured in our Virginia studio
  • Burn time = 50+ hours
  • 14 oz