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Infusing more style, luxury + calm into your every day.

We curate luxury candles + bath and body products that inspire calm & confidence. Each blend in our collection is crafted with vegan, nontoxic ingredients and custom one of a kind fragrances.

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The Vibes Candle Collection brings all of the care free, calm + happy vibes to your space.


Candle Obsession = ACO Luxe

Oversized candles to feed your candle obsession + fill larger spaces

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Candle-Making + Good Vibes

Create a custom candle in our WaxPoetry candle-making workshop. We offer virtual + in-person sessions! BOOK NOW >

No Toxic Relationships Allowed Here

You should never be in a toxic relationship with your products. That's why every ACO product contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates and is cruelty free.

Customer Love...

Sexy Nerd Candle

Great communication on shipment, nice packaging. Candles burn well and smell fantastic! -Douglas

Bourbon & Leather Candle

I purchased this candle for myself, but was so surprised at how amazing it smelled. I ended up buying another for my best friend. It's beautiful, smells intoxicating, and the crackling of the wooden wick is nostalgic AF -Deonna

Bloom : Rose Body Oil

I just wanted to say that I am IN LOVE with Bloom : Rose! It was an indulgent experience after my shower this morning. I'm adding it to my DAILY routine. #hooked - Tiffani

Meet the Founder

Cyn founded ACO to mesh her love of interior design, nature + quiet moments. As an introvert and mom, she understands how important it is to create calm, recharge + fill your corner of the world with beautiful things. ACO answers that call to beautiful solitude and nudges you to place yourself at the top of your priority list while creating a life + space you LOVE.