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Standing out can be a hard thing to do in a crowded industry…unless you’re singer-songwriter Estelle! I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Estelle about her personal journey to loving herself, relationships and of course, her newest single and upcoming album release.

Estelle is a Grammy-Award winning artist well known for topping the charts with such musical hits as “American Boy” featuring Kanye West and “International (Serious)” which featured Chris Brown and Trey Songz. Her newest single “Make Her Say (Beat it Up)”, has quickly become the talk of many due to its unconventional way of portraying a message of confidence and female empowerment. With so much up her sleeve concerning her career, I was eager to get to know the woman behind the music.


For this sit down session, I had the privilege of collaborating with my childhood friend, make-up artist Kimomi Watkins. The conversation was reminiscent of talking with your girlfriends, as Estelle has a natural gift of gab. She made us feel totally comfortable around her and she was incredibly down to earth. I was super impressed by her confidence and the way she carried herself… she’s a natural at this! Of course, I want to let you in on all of the juicy details! Kick back and join in on the conversation…

Cynthia & Kimomi: Since your debut, what have been some of the challenges you’ve faced with feeling comfortable in your own skin? How are you able to overcome the stereotypes within the industry?

Estelle: Well, you know what? It was a personal thing. I’ve never been that girl who didn’t feel comfortable. I was the skinniest girl in my family, I had no ‘jiggle’… you know, all the women around me they had ‘jiggle’, they had boobs, they had butt… and I’m like…(looks around)…What? For real Jesus, You’re just gonna miss me? And as I got older, it started to work for me. I was slim, but i had boobs and I had a little bit of bum. I started to really see why I was built the way I was built. I could fit into certain clothes and the way my posture is physically for me, it reads a certain way, and I love it. I really just started to embrace it and live in it, so to me it was more about opening up and letting my brain be cool with it. And then to me, it’s just like when you hit that space, you start feeling yourself and you’re really just out there and you’re shining so brightly, regardless of what you think you’re doing… you’re shining 10x brighter than you actually thought. Then, here come the people: “Who do you think you are?”… literally, “Who do you think you are? You have the audacity…” …{I’m like}, “What do you mean?…” Like you know, I don’t even stop to question them, I’m like get out of my face, I don’t mess with you… I was around two people that i call ‘fam’, Alicia {Keys} and Swizz {Beatz} one time and.. I was talking to Swizz and he was like, “Ma, you just (dusts dirt off shoulder)…that ain’t me… you know, I learned that from Alicia…” And I was like You know what? That isn’t me, that’s their version of who they think I am. That was such a key message at that point that I needed to hear, I was like “you’re right”. So I listened to that, it’s not me, that’s your version, I brush that off, I know who I am…


Cynthia & Kimomi: Wow, (laughs) So, how important do you think it is for people to accept themselves? What do you think is an important factor in having personal confidence?

Estelle: I want people to be ok with being human, with being normal. You don’t have to always dress it up. I’m not saying to dumb it down, but understand that it’s ok to be great in your own way. It’s ok to be comfortable in your own skin. People look at celebrities and they think they have to emulate them. But I think it’s personal bliss and it’s power to know who you are, to know your personal journey and run with it, it’s alright you know?…Don’t try to emulate someone else, like who are YOU? Build who you are, try to figure that out.

Cynthia & Kimomi: Exactly!… Your newest single, ‘Make Her Say (Beat it Up)’ addresses the topics of self confidence, female empowerment, and being bold enough to ask for what you want. What is the inspiration and message for your new album, ‘True Romance’?

Estelle: When I began this album, it was heavy…dreary. I started recording it, trying to be happy and figure out who I was. When you’re in a relationship you compromise and try to do it their way. Then you begin to realize, I don’t have to ask him everything! I began to figure myself out again. The album was written during that period. True Romance is you and your partner’s point of view, making the rules, not everyone else. You have to get courage…be passionate, when you do that, you can be passionate sexually, and otherwise. You have to have the courage to ask for what you want. It takes a lot out of your soul to be able to ask for what you want & not be afraid…but once you figure it out, you’re on your way to having a great relationship. That’s what True Romance is all about…but there’s a lot of in between time in getting there…

Cynthia & Kimomi: That’s so true. So, what advice would you offer to those who are on their own personal journey to finding out who they are?…

Estelle: Try something new everyday. I went to L.A., went hiking, visited friends, and I took myself out of my normal. It was such as a big thing for me. I realized that I didn’t have to be separated from reality & society because of my career. I was the person I loved again. I was a happy young woman…try something new everyday. Just try it!

Cynthia & Kimomi: Thanks so much Estelle!

Estelle: You’re welcome! {hugs all around :)}

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Talking to Estelle was really eye-opening. She has such a keen awareness of the hurdles she has encountered, yet she has obviously grown so much and learned so much in her journey. I walked away from the interview inspired by her words to try something new, live life boldly and walk confidently in who I am, not who others would like for me to be…

Estelle’s new single “Make Her Say (Beat it Up)” has been released, with her new album, True Romance to be released later this year. To catch up on all things Estelle, visit her website, and catch her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.


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