3 Reasons A Morning Routine Will Change Your Life

3 Reasons A Morning Routine Will Change Your Life


My day starts around 5 AM. I turn over and look at the start of a sunrise creeping through my window. The house is quiet and there's a stillness in the air that makes this time of day a peaceful space. I lay in bed, just taking in the quiet moments. Naturally, my thoughts start to stir and I know that it's time to set the tone of my day before I get swept into the hustle and bustle. 

There was a time that my mornings were filled with frustration. I would wake up and dread the long list of things I needed to do. My thoughts would start rushing the moment I opened my eyes and it all just felt overwhelming. I needed a change and I knew that I needed to create a different reality. This is where I made a huge shift in how I approached my mornings. I created a morning routine. 

Creating this routine has made such a huge impact in how I feel as I start each day. Here are the 3 reasons why you should create your own morning routine:

1. A morning routine allows you to set the tone of your day. You can't predict what each day holds. You CAN create a tailored, predictable and consistent start to your day. If you build your morning routine just right, it will literally become the thing you look forward to when you open your eyes each morning. Think about what you crave the most each day. Is it peace? Clarity? Quiet time? Motivation? Infuse the thing you need into your morning routine to add that desired thing to each day. Your routine establishes a firm boundary that you're off limits and you're not available for anything until you've done this routine first. 

I typically need quiet time and a fresh, focused perspective. This means my morning routine happens in absolute quiet or with really peaceful music playing on low. I start my day with affirmations to direct my thoughts and set the tone for how I will show up that day. The I AM Affirmation Mug from ACO is a new favorite for my morning routine. It reminds me that I'm worthy and reminds me to approach each day with confidence. 

2. A morning routine allows you to put your needs first. What if you started each day pouring into your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional needs? How much different would you be? I'll jump right in and tell you, this is how you SHOULD start each day. Before you pour into anything or anyone else, you should first pour into yourself. This allows you to show up as a whole, fulfilled and inspired soul...and who doesn't want to show up that way?

Carve out time in your morning routine to give yourself what you need. It can be 5 minutes or it can be an hour. During that time, focus solely on what you need. This may change from day to day, so adjust as needed. If you need to vent or release heavy emotions, journal to release those feelings or go for a morning jog. If you need inspiration or motivation, recite affirmations or make a list of your accomplishments while standing in the mirror. 

I typically recharge in the mornings. As a bonafide introvert, my need for solitude is built into my morning routine to prepare me for all of the human interaction each day brings. This allows me to show up filled, inspired and ready to take on the day. I light a candle at the start of each day to engage my senses and fill my space with light. Meditation Candle and Introvert Candle are 2 of my favorites. The striking copper vessel and herbaceous scent of Meditation Candle is perfect for meditation and creates a centered, grounded existence. Introvert Candle brings a warm, cozy feeling that feels like home. 

3. A morning routine allows you to prioritize and focus. Ok, so about that to-do list. How many times have you opened your eyes and you're bombarded with busy thoughts? As a creative intellectual, this is definitely me most days. You and I have to counter this, because if we don't overwhelm is imminent. The good news is a great morning routine helps. 

At the very end of your morning routine, after you've set the tone of your day and you've poured into your needs, prioritize your day and set your focus. Decide what tasks deserve your energy and prioritize them from urgent to optional. Make a list if you have to. Once you have your list, decide which tasks need to be done today and which tasks you can tackle at another time. This will make it clear where you should direct your energy. It will also help you to see that you've likely been taking on things - both mentally and physically - that aren't a priority or aren't your responsibility. 

Once you've set an intentional direction for your day, it makes it easy to show up focused. When others attempt to bombard you with their to-do lists, you can quickly re-direct them and tell them that you have a task you need to focus on first. You'll also know if something is a hard 'no' based on how you've prioritized your day. When you've become clear on what tasks deserve your focus, you may not have time to fit in favors and you'll be less likely to fill your day with things that don't align with your goals. 

How do I create my own morning routine?

You may be thinking: OK Cyn, that all sounds great but how do I do it? There's really no solid formula. You get to create a routine that fits your day. I've created a few routines as 

Love & Light Mornings

Fill your cup and start your day with positivity and inspiration. Practice this 30 minute routine at the start of each day:

  • Open your curtains or blinds to fill your space with sunlight
  • Grab I AM Affirmation Mug and fill it with your favorite drink (green juice, a latte, cold brew or water). Recite each affirmation from the mug out loud to flood your being with good energy and confidence. If you have you own affirmations, recite those. 
  • Stretch. You can do this sitting or standing. Breathe deeply and slowly ease your body into action by stretching each muscle group for about 30 seconds. Roll your shoulders and neck.
  • Water your plants if you have them (if you don't have plants, I suggest you get one and add it to your space. Plants have a powerful presence that inspire calm and a healthy mental state).
  • Grab your journal and dump any heavy emotions or thoughts that you're carrying. Remind yourself that you can handle whatever comes. 
  • Create a list of the 5 most important things you'll complete or accomplish today. Anything beyond those 5 things can wait or receive a hard "NO".

Meditation Mornings

Calm your mind and start your day with a grounded, centered and focused existence. Practice this 45 minute routine at the start of each day. 

  • Open your curtains to fill your space with sunlight
  • Light Meditation Candle or your current fave
  • Cue a peaceful meditation or yoga playlist
  • Grab your journal and dump any heavy emotions or thoughts that you're carrying
  • Stretch for 5 minutes, then transition into a yoga sequence or sit completely still and quiet your thoughts for 15-20 minutes
  • Create a mantra for your day (one powerful truth that you'll focus on today). This may look like, "I am powerful and capable. I will handle each task today with confidence". Recite that mantra as you end your morning routine. 

Motivated Mornings 

Awaken your senses and inspire good energy. Practice this 45 minute routine at the start of each day. 

  • Stretch for 5 minutes. Breathe deeply and be sure to stretch each muscle group slowly. 
  • Cue your favorite business or motivational podcast
  • Do 30 minutes of cardio (jog, cycle, jump rope or swim)
  • Shower or bathe and moisturize with an uplifting body oil or lotion (we recommend Bloom Lemongrass)

I hope this will help you to create calmer, more focused mornings. Did this help you? If so, SHARE it on your social media and leave a comment below.


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