Affirmations: Self Care Sunday...

Affirmations: Self Care Sunday...


Have you been battling with negative thoughts this week? If so, you're not alone. I've had to wrestle down thoughts ranging from "I'm not doing enough" to "I'm a burden". The reality is, we have no control over the thoughts that enter our mind. We do, however, have the power to redirect our thoughts and remind ourself of what's true. This is where affirmations really shine. When you're faced with a thought that doesn't align with your truth, simply recite an affirmation to remind yourself of your reality. Doing this can instantly relieve anxious thoughts and calm your emotions. 

To help you refocus today, I want to remind you of some powerful truths. Create a quiet space, light a candle (I'm lighting Meditation Candle today), breathe deeply and relax your shoulders. Recite and think on the affirmations below to build your confidence today. 

Here are a few affirmations to start your week:

  • I do hard things well. I've overcome tremendous obstacles and I can do it again. I'll overcome each hard season just as I have before. 
  • I am capable and experienced. I have the knowledge + stamina to figure things out. I have the wisdom of my past to guide me. 
  • I am valuable. My unique skills, personality and makeup can't be replicated. The world is a better place because I'm a part of it. 
  • I have the power to create my reality. Even in a crazy world, I can set a life atmosphere that allows me to thrive. I get to choose joy, peace + thriving even in the midst of turbulent times. 
  • I am worthy of love. I am worthy of love from myself and others. I don't have to suffer perpetually because of my own guilt and regrets. I choose to forgive myself for the ways I've self sabotaged my progress and set boundaries to communicate my standards to others.
  • I am worthy of rest. A common misconception is that we have to work ourselves into exhaustion to succeed and prove ourselves worthy of success. Yes, work hard, but do so in a way that honors your need to rest, restore + replenish. You are worthy even when you're sitting still. You don't have to be in a constant state of working on something to be valued and seen.



Write down the defeating thoughts that you've had this week. Then, list 1-2 personal qualities or accomplishments that prove those defeating thoughts to be untrue. 

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