An Ode to Olde Towne: Introducing ACO's New Candle Line

An Ode to Olde Towne: Introducing ACO's New Candle Line

An Ode to Olde Towne: Introducing ACO's New Candle Line

Written by: Deonna Lindsay-Lewis

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The quaint charm of Olde Towne Portsmouth, VA, is more than just brick-lined streets and centuries-old architecture—it's a living embodiment of history and community. It’s through a shared love of this community that two friends, Cynthia Price and Deonna Lindsay-Lewis imagined the five-candle collection standing as an homage to Olde Towne, where it will, in kismet fashion, debut. 

Candles aren't just about adding light to your space; they weave stories with scents, casting glows that ignite memories and moods. ACO isn't just presenting a candle line. They're inviting you to take a walk down the brick-lined streets of Portsmouth, VA, with each flicker and inhale.

Imagine the sea breeze carrying the scent of towering spires and market-fresh produce, and you'll have but a fragment of the sensory delight, meticulously designed and lovingly crafted in each candle of this timeless collection.

Get ready to enjoy a tale of connections, art, and the magic of moments!

From Inspiration to Illumination

The roots of ACO's candle line lie in a chance encounter between instant friends at The Coffee Shoppe on High Street many years back. Today, that has inspired a collection that honors Olde Towne. Why not bottle its essence, capture its old-worldly allure, beckoning you to the city's soul and share it with the world? And so, through the collaboration of these two creatives, a dream that smelled just as sweet as it felt, was ignited.

The Labels:

Picture this: thick black outlines that grab your eye, inspired by none other than the quaint shop signs hanging above the brick-lined streets of Olde Towne itself! We took that historic charm, mixed it with the signature clean, minimal aesthetic of ACO, and voilà – you've got a label that lives at the intersection of Olde Towne and Authenticality Co. Dare to look and you'll find yourself transported, one scent at a time. 

The Vessels: 

When it came to selecting the perfect vessels for our candles, we wanted each to tell a piece of Olde Towne's story, much like the scents themselves. Our eclectic choices – the frosted vessel, the high glass vessel, and the exclusive, bone-colored Olde Towne mug – were each carefully selected to encapsulate the collection's duality of old and new. 

The frosted vessel brings an intimate warmth when lit, echoing the welcoming spirit of the borough, offering a hug of comfort to anyone who experiences it.

On the other hand, the high glass vessel draws its inspiration from the street lanterns, offering a clean, modern aesthetic that perfectly complements the celestial serenity of "Holy" and the tranquil dusk of "High".

Lastly, the modern, bone-colored Olde Towne mug stands as a testament to the community's solidarity. Offered in a limited run, it's a special tribute to members of the Olde Towne business association. Its design and material feel not just appropriate but deeply interconnected with the heart and soul of Olde Towne – an anchor and gift to the entire collection.

The Dust Cover: 

Just as Olde Towne breathes life through its vibrant artwork, our dust covers pay homage to the area’s dynamic public art walk, capturing the essence of the murals that decorate its historic pathways and the iconic Portsmouth Love sign that stands proudly at the waterfront. It’s a heartful nod to the community's creativity and spirit of togetherness. And what about that toad making its appearance? It's our playful tribute to the legendary "Greatest Story Ever Toad" scavenger hunt that weaves through the streets of Olde Towne, inviting adventurers of all ages to explore and discover. To have overlooked the rich artistic vein running through Olde Towne in our collection would have been unthinkable. It's in these dust covers that art meets scent, creating a multisensory experience.

The Candle Descriptions:

As the name of the collection suggests, it only felt right to reimagine each description as an ode-aiming to encapsulate a sentiment, to embody the poetry that is Olde Towne.

The Collection Unveiled

The High to Heyday, from Holy to Historic, and don't forget Homegrown; each of ACO's introduced candles are odes to the feelings you get when wandering the storied streets.


A blend that captures the exuberance of High Street at sunset during high tide, where the glow upon the sea wall meets the bricking of the streets. The fragrance dances with the historic soul of Olde Towne, promising to light up your space with the intoxicating melting of fresh sea air.

Hey Day

Into this candle, the footsteps of legends are poured—tales of sports stars, musical prodigies, and celebrity visitors, all captured in the bustling atmosphere of times gone by in Olde Towne. The candle is more than a tribute; it's an invitation to relive the grandeur and buzz of those heydays. We invite you to check out Gosport Tavern, Roger Browns, The Commodore, The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Baron’s Tavern for a taste of the time. 


Upon nearly every block you’ll find an impressive church. From Emanuel AME’s importance to The Underground Railroad, to the largest viscount organ in North America, you’ll find these notes in Holy. It’s a blend inspired by the tranquility and reverence found within Olde Towne's sanctuaries—spires piercing a twilight sky, reaching for the divine, yet grounding this collection with a sense of balance that only peace and meditation can.


Homegrown, celebrates the artisans, local businesses, and farmers that bring life’s bounty to this historic town. It’s the smell of the farmer’s market's sun-ripened persimmons, luscious fig, and the promise of a harvest-filled all your senses.


This candle is a tribute to Olde Towne and its three centuries of history that reflect an area located in the heart of the greater Hampton Roads area. It encapsulates not just the tangible history but the spiritual renaissance and charm that have made Olde Towne a modern pour of today and yesterday.

Experience the Collection

The ACO collection awaits you at Bloom Market- a local hub that captures the spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship, nestled on High Street itself. Shop the collection, not just for the fragrances themselves, but for the stories they whisper into the corners of your home. Take a piece of history and community back with you, and perhaps one day, if luck and Olde Towne will it, find your own story entwined with theirs in the flicker of a shared flame.

ACO welcomes you to shop its other collections and join their candle-making workshops. It's an experience that goes beyond the aesthetic, teaching the art of candle crafting while fostering a sense of community and creativity — right in the heart of Olde Towne.


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    Dena Felton: April 03, 2024

    Cannot wait to try your historic candles , sounds very inviting, It whispers a tone in my life to soothe the hectic woes of our every day to day living

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