Soft Girl Summer - A Spring Collection

Soft Girl Summer - A Spring Collection

It's time to create your soft era.

Our new Spring/Summer collection is here with fresh, inspiring scent notes that are perfect for the warmer months. This isn't your average seasonal candle launch - it's a breath of fresh air and an invite to do life differently. 

Enter Soft Girl Summer, our newest collection that invites you to create a softer, more intentional & love-filled era. We've heard you loud and clear. In conversations with our tribe, friends and even our aunties - most of us are tired of the superwoman narrative. Gone are the days of being everything for everyone and nothing for ourselves. It's time to create a life that freely gives us space to pause, feel, heal, dream & exist. It's time to ditch the 'I can do it all myself' lifestyle for one where we're safe, nurtured and supported. 
If you're ready to ease into a softer life, you'll love this new collection. Take a scent journey with us and flood your space with these inspiring new scents:


cotton / bergamot / powder

Dream Candle is a reminder to return to the imagination you had in your childhood. To a time where you believed you could have and be anything and you had so many dreams. As life happens and the obligations grow - many of us trade those dreams for a logical life that doesn't make much noise. It's time to dream again, darling. Know that as you do, you'll find fulfillment, wonder and purpose. 



lemongrass / sage / bamboo

Heal Candle is a reminder to prioritize yourself. So many of use have been told that good girls put others first. After doing just that, we often find ourselves depleted with nothing left for ourselves. It's time to create balance. To know that being kind to ourselves doesn't mean we're less kind to others. It just means we place our happiness, feelings, well being and needs at the top of our priority list. It's time to hold space for self and create safe spaces to heal, feel & exist. 



strawberry / prosecco / sugar


Love Candle is a reminder to create a life you love. If you've ever been told that you have to wait for love - we're here to remind you that love exists within you. It exists in the moments you do the things that give you joy. It exists in your choosing relationships that nurture your soul. It exists in so many ways you've yet given yourself permission to explore. Here's your invite to create a life that surrounds you with all of the love you deserve - in all its forms. 

We hope this new collection inspires a softer, more relaxed existence for you and the women you love. Shop the collection for yourself and gift it to the women in your life who need it. 



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