Coping During COVID 19

Coping During COVID 19
Hi guys,
I’m checking in to see how you’re doing?! I know that the past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. I hope you’re well on every level, physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally.
With all of the uncertainty & changes happening, it’s easy to slip into an unhealthy mindset. Many of us are dealing with changes in our daily routine, with work, having less time with friends, family & etc. It can be rough when all of the things you’ve grown accustomed to are suddenly altered. 
I know all about it. One of my own challenges has been coping with change. With change being a constant part of life, I realize I have to conquer this for sure. Times like this are a great way to perfect just that, coping with change.
If you’re dealing with fear, anxiety or a roller coaster of emotions, know that those things are completely normal. Know also, that you can combat those things by focusing your energy and implementing some healthy coping mechanisms. 
Times like these reiterate the need for certain things. Like an emergency fund, the importance of pure connection and real community. 
When your world is upheaved, and your normal becomes anything but, it’s important to count your blessings, meditate if necessary & put your powerful problem solving skills to work. We will all pull through this. Hopefully better, stronger & wiser.
Here at ACO, we'll focus on keeping the positive vibes flowing your way. We'll be sharing tips, doing check-ins & supporting you in creative ways.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to keep up with all of the content we'll be putting out there. 
What challenges are you facing due to the COVID 19 outbreak?
How can we support you?
Peace & Love,

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