4 Years Natural! My Hair Journey...

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I realize that it has been a while since I did a natural hair post. Last month I reached my 4 year mark since my very first big chop wherein I cut my hair down to about 1 inch in length! I am definitely loving the journey and the many exciting moments it brings.

During the time period of my last natural hair post, I mentioned that I was adjusting to a new stage of growth with my tresses. In my own journey with natural hair, I do a lot of research to witness the journey of others. One thing that I don't see often is how our hair progresses and goes through stages. Recently, I started to notice a change in the growth process of my hair. I think it was something that happened under the radar, so to speak, as I had been wearing a lot of protective styles. I went a period of about 2-3 months of wearing my hair in protective styles such as mini twists, two-strand twists and braids...


My hair last spring 2013 
First pic {spring 2013} | Second & third pics {March 2014}
. . .

Upon taking my hair down from my season of protective styling and wearing my hair in a free-flowing state, I realized how much my hair had grown in a short period of time! This stage of growth was the most pronounced for me, as with it came the transition from hair that grew "out" to hair that began to "hang". I know, I know, it may seem silly to some. That doesn't change how fascinated I was with this new stage! Also, I noticed that this new stage of growth gives me the chance to do what I like to call "tuck and pin" updo hairstyles. I'm now able to just grab random sections of hair, twist and twirl them, and secure with bobby pins for a quick, convenient and intriguing style...

May 2014 | Quick pin and tuck undo with loose bangs

May 2014
May 2014
June 2014 | Front swooped bang & low ponytail style

I'm amazed as I watch my hair grow and change, it really is a beautiful process to watch. My natural journey has been anything BUT uneventful, with 3 big chops total during my 4 years natural. Right now, the growth I've achieved is just over 2 years of growth, as my last big chop down to 1 inch of hair was in May of 2012. I'm super excited that my hair is so healthy and that in those 2 years, I've maintained what I believe to be rapid growth... Here are some snapshots of my hair over the last 4 years...

I continue to keep my regimen simple, using only natural and organic products from The Nourished Hair Collection by Authenticality Company. I wash my hair once to twice monthly using Cleanse. hair masque. I don't believe in having a whole heap of different products for my hair, I aim to keep it simple by focusing on the health of my hair. I use Moisture & Styling Butter 2-3 times weekly to refresh my hair and keep it moisturized. I use Nourised. for my twist-outs, braid-outs and bantu knot-outs. Using the entire collection keeps my regimen simple, and my hair amazingly healthy. I'm experiencing healthier, fuller growth and I'm pleased!

What are key moments that you've experienced in your natural hair journey?

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