Weekend Look: Old School Prep

Anyone who know me knows that I'm a pretty laid back natural beauty. I don't play around with make-up too much, I don't adhere to any hard, fast rules when it comes to fashion. I have always had a keen sense of style, pairing pieces that don't exactly "match" and pairing  formal with casual, etc. This weekend, I decided to try something different...LIPSTICK! It may not seem like a big deal, but for a laid back lady like me who doesn't wear lipstick AT ALL, it was a bold move. I paired my red lips with a cute straw farm hat. Since my hair was freshly washed, I could be found rocking twists this weekend. The hat was the perfect accessory for my protective style. My outfit was pretty typical Cynthia style: 
A pair of black stretch dress pants
A white tank
A denim jacket
A pair of sandals with an ankle strap
A pair of gold hoop earrings
An extra long necklace
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
I believe that fashion should just be an extension of you. Your look should be just another way that you present yourself to the world. Don't overthink it, don't feel pressured to fit into cultural norms...BE YOU. As I mentioned, my style isn't "normal". I would wear a long maxi printed skirt with a jean jacket... a pencil skirt with a tee...I don't do trends. I wear what makes me feel good, and because I like to keep it simple, my clothing is stylish without being revealing. What is your personal style? Do you keep it simple? Are you a glam gal? Do you like to keep it sophisticated? I would love to hear from you, and I would love to see you expressing yourself through fashion. Post your pics to our Facebook page and keep the discussion going! 
Remember, you ROCK!

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