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The Art of Being: Unapologetically You

Cynthia Price

Posted on March 24 2015

- - -
I'm inspired today to share a bit of my personal journey with you. As the owner & founder of Authenticality Company, I have had my own struggles in reaching a point of "authenticity" in my life. Realistically, what led me to create a platform that celebrates that very term is my realization that there was a serious need for such. Many of us struggle, even daily, with how to present ourselves to the world. We often fear that what we're made of (the qualities that make us unique) somehow fail to measure up to what the world labels as acceptable. As Valuable. As Beautiful. As Successful. (am I reaching you, yet?) When faced with this reality, we're often faced with a few choices:
  1. Choose to "fit in" and blend in with the culture 
  2. Choose to dilute who you are to be accepted
  3. Live life fully as YOU, and allow the right people/things/opportunities to be added to you

Personally, I have done all 3 at some point in my life. Naturally, I am a positive, creative, ambitious, faith driven person. I have encountered situations, relationships & groups wherein those qualities that I possessed ruffled many feathers. Some people are irritated by a person who can always see the silver lining in the clouds. Some people resent those who venture outside of the widely accepted corporate world, and into a place of being a creative. Some people are intimidated by someone who continually makes improvement their aim, as they simply want to remain in their comfort zone. And some are totally put off by a person who believes in God & shapes their life around Him, making Him the center. I have encountered it all. I have paid the price for choosing to be myself, when people, places & things were trying to force me into a mold. I have "lost" relationships, been booted out of opportunities, received countless criticisms, and have come to understand that persecution is real! But in all of it, I have learned some powerful truths that allow me to have peace in BEING ME...

When I choose to fit into the crowd, I actually allow what's good for the crowd to be "good" for me. What if what's good for the crowd is the total opposite of what I need? Therein lies the problem. Many times, what's suitable for the masses, doesn't satisfy your inner desires. When you flock with the crowd, you get what's coming to the crowd!

When I choose to dilute who I am in order to make myself acceptable in the eyes of others, I'm denying myself the right to be truly happy. If I don't allow myself the room to flourish in my identity, I am creating a dam in my life that inhibits my ability to flow freely. Think of what happens to a volcano when you create a hindrance to prevent it from flowing...it explodes! It's never healthy (for those around you, or for yourself) to allow your light to be dimmed for the sake of pleasing another. Consider that if you have to operate on a lower level just to satisfy that person, they probably don't mean you well. They are more than likely using you to stroke their ego, or simply keeping you down for their own selfish desires. 

When I live my life in the full expression of who I am, something incredible happens. All of a sudden, the atmosphere around me begins to change. Those people who couldn't handle my positivity, my creativity, my laughter... they suddenly walk away. The crowd that I had tried to fit so perfectly into, I realize that it truly doesn't satisfy. My life begins to take shape to accommodate the intricacies that lie within me. When we dare to live with an authentic sense of self, we begin to draw people, opportunities and things that truly FIT our lives! When we remain positive in spite of, we attract the same. When we embrace our creativity, we create an atmosphere wherein it can multiply all the more. 

Are you wishing for a life filled with what you love? Then embrace YOU. As you embrace your identity, you can then see clearly what's good for you, and gain the confidence to pursue those things. 

Never dilute who you are to be accepted. You have a unique voice that the world needs to hear. You have something to offer this world that is unique, and only YOU can give! Dare to be YOU, unapologetically... and watch how your life begins to be transformed.

Here's to authenticity,


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