Dare to LIVE in a Position of Power

For this discussion, I'm pulling up a chair and taking a seat. Pouring a hot cup of coffee and making myself comfortable with you just as with a close circle of girlfriends. As I share these words with you, I open my heart really wide and keep the kleenex nearby, just because I care so much about getting this message across to you.
It's important to realize the POWER that lies within you. There are so many things that we face on a day to day basis that can try to convince us that we're helpless, frail and powerless. Some of us struggle with confidence, feeling worthy, countless challenges & circumstances, and even struggle to overcome our past. Some of us have been told time and time again that we'll never amount to anything. Some have been treated as insignificant and have spent most of our lives working hard to gain a single ounce of approval and acceptance. No matter what your issue, no matter what your struggle, no matter what your circumstances, you have been created in a position of POWER.  
I am no stranger to how hopeless life circumstances can make one feel. I have spent a great deal of my own life on the inside of fear, hopelessness, depression & rejection. When on the inside of those things, my vision was skewed. When on the inside of those things, my thought processes continually leaned in the direction of powerlessness, hopelessness and defeat. Somehow, when on the inside of those traits, the mindset can develop that there is no way out. That life will always be the same. That drastic change for the better is a distant hope. But God!
The TRUTH is, no matter what you're facing, there is ALWAYS a way out! It's important to position your mind in a place of hope, faith and tenacity. No matter what the circumstance, never give IT the power to control YOU. No circumstance has the ability to rob you of joy...only YOU can allow it to do so. You can choose to have joy and peace in the midst of every circumstance. You can choose to take the steps to create a better life NOW, even if the only steps you can take are baby steps...it's progress! Never fall victim to circumstances. Instead, stand up, make a series of healthy decisions and watch your seemingly hopeless situation become a distant memory. You and I have the power to overcome anything. It is a conscious decision to do so, but we have been given the right tools to do so.
Personally, my relationship with God through Jesus Christ brought me to this realization. I realized that I had played the victim for far too long, and lasting change would not be possible unless I was ready to make the hard decisions and realizations. I took my life back, and told every hindrance that I would fight to have my best life. I'm daily doing so, and it has not happened overnight, but I can say with assurance that my life looks drastically different.
Don't allow your life to be controlled by any negative force. Within you lies the ability to speak life into dead situations. Within you lies the ability to bring hope to a situation that has none. Within you lies the power to look at circumstances boldly and bring about change through ACTION, prayer, and wise decisions. Within you lies a seed of change for the world around you. Dare to take a stand. Dare to tell your story. Dare to bring about change. Dare to take a stance of POWER and see everything around you transform. 
What areas in your life are calling for you to stand up in power? I'd love to hear your thoughts...  

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