ACO Affirmations : My Life Atmosphere

ACO Affirmations : My Life Atmosphere

"I have the ability to shape my atmosphere despite outward circumstances..."

Today's affirmation shifts our focus to our circle of control. I cannot control people. I cannot control the weather. I cannot control the economy. There are a number of things that are completely outside of my control.

I CAN shape my life atmosphere. I can choose my point of focus. I can choose how much of the headlines I consume daily. I can control who I allow into my space. I can control the energy that I give attention to. 

The world can be going completely mad, and inside of my home, in my mind, in my heart, soul + spirit, I can be completely at peace. I can be at harmony. I can live a different reality than what's being presented.

Affirmation: I have the ability to shape my atmosphere despite outward circumstances

Journal Entry: List the things that are within your control + list active steps that you can take towards creating change in your atmosphere. Pay special attention to the things you have allowed that are negatively impacting your well being. Give yourself permission to eliminate those things.

Peace + Love


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