Confessions on Mother's Day

Confessions on Mother's Day


Mother’s Day.

First, I’d like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to every mother and mother figure. I’m also holding space for every person whose grief is magnified on this day. I see you, and I’m sending lots of love your way. This day is full of a lot of emotions for many of us. For some of us it represents loss of a child, parent or the hope of what could have been. For some it’s a time to bask in the joy of the blessing of family and legacy. For many of us, it’s a mixture of all of the above.

As a mom of 4, Mother’s Day of recent years brought grief that I couldn’t quite understand. My mom is still living and I count it a joy to be a mother. After much reflection, I began to understand that I was grieving the life I thought I’d live as a mother. This part of my life has turned out to be much different than I had pictured. This grief on Mother’s Day revealed what I was afraid to admit to myself. After experiencing divorce, I became a newly solo parent.

Many people don’t speak of how often, as single parents, there’s this battle with inadequacy that happens. You don’t feel like you can possibly be ENOUGH to provide a great life for your kids. There’s also this stigma that you’ve somehow made a mistake to end up here. The TRUTH is that you can still thrive despite divorce and a single parent dynamic. After much prayer, soul searching and reflection, I’ve allowed this grief to serve me. I’ve had to reshape how I view motherhood.

Despite the fact that this journey looks much different than I pictured, it has still become much more than I could’ve ever dreamed. I have a healthy, thriving family and we have more than enough. I realize that I’ve been equipped to crush this journey and show others what’s possible.

What feelings does this day evoke for you? If it’s loss, make space for those feelings of grief. If it’s joy, bask in that without shame.

No matter where you land today, know that your story, feelings and reality matter. You’re never alone and you’re likely not the only one dealing with complex emotions today. I’m right there with you 🖤

Love and light,


Founder, Authenticality Co.


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